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influential brand advocates

Lots of talk on Twitter lately about the connection between brand advocates and brand influencers. (by the way, you may know brand advocacy better by the term “word-of-mouth”) During these discussions, I tweeted: Advocacy depends on what you do. Influence

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maybe wom isn’t that effective

I wonder why they wasted the money on postage and printing to mail me this since I would have eventually just “heard about it on the street” anyway??

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a little too much honey in the hive

I’ll admit it. I’m a bzzagent. Mainly for two reasons: 1) the free stuff and 2) to keep up with what they’re doing by *ahem* “generating” word-of-mouth. While they’re generating your WOM, I’ll be over here spinning some straw into

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I just wrapped up 2 exciting action-packed days of analyzing data from a survey. Between walking around bleary-eyed with Excel speadsheets imprinted on my retinas, I noticed something. The concept of the survey was for people to answer (open-response) what

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Stealth Marketing

Sometimes parody makes a stronger point than pontification. The Onion reminds us why buzz marketing has problems. [[LINK]] tags :: buzz marketing funny

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Word of Mouth Lies

Without a doubt…Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing there is…hands down. Of course, the trouble with WOM has always been how to influence/control/monitor it. In the past few years, strides have been made in this aspect with real world and online

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