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kentucky kicks a**

One of the very first blog posts I published in 2005 was a repurposing of an op-ed article I wrote for the Courier-Journal about the failure of the Unbridled Spirit “rebranding” of Kentucky. I’ve used that story many many times

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my God, they’re throwing guitars out there

So over the course of about two weeks, a Canadian folk singer has brought United Airlines to its knees with over 3 million views (and growing) of this viral video: There’s been lots of talk online and in the MSM

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sacrifice your friends for free meat

This month, it will be six years since Crispin Porter + Bogusky took over the Burger King business and started serving up quirky and viral campaigns that have been critically acclaimed by those in the ad biz. Coq Roq, Whopper

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brewed stupidity

This happened today:–Well established local media organization wants to shoot video of the Starbucks coffee for votes promotion (which btw could be illegal)–The barista-in-charge won’t allow interviews or footage to be shot in the store.–Free coverage and promotional value to

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a conversation that’s happening somewhere RIGHT NOW

Clueless Marketing Guy #1 — We need to synergize our viralness on the web2.0 gravytrain. Clueless Marketing Guy #2 — What? #1 — We need something cool and interactive on the web that engages our customers. #2 — Let’s put

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Mr Splashy Pants

Greenpeace has been running a poll to name some whales that are traveling in the Pacific. 29 of the 30 nominations are for either mythical, Zen-ish, or new-age-type names like Kaimana, Shanti, and Aurora. And then scanning down the list,

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I just wrapped up 2 exciting action-packed days of analyzing data from a survey. Between walking around bleary-eyed with Excel speadsheets imprinted on my retinas, I noticed something. The concept of the survey was for people to answer (open-response) what

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