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Twitter chats

There’s the infamous Saturday Night Live sketch with William Shatner appearing at a Trekkie convention and imploring them to “Get a Life!”. I now feel the same way every time I poke my head into a Twitter chat. Several years

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just a tweet

It should be obvious to anyone by now, but real time publishing is powerful. It can also be dangerously chaotic and unreliable. There’s a wonderful example of it today with the @AP twitter hack. A single tweet made the Dow

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one thing I hate about the Internet

Actually, there are many things I hate about Internet culture. Nearly all of them involve the way the web highlights and hastens the ignorance and decline of modern culture. However, one in particular gets me everytime and a great case study

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the old spice guy walks into taco bell and gets burned

Consumers attack brands enough. Why get into a spiff with another brand?

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auto DM means you’re a snake oil salesman

Don’t auto DM people when they follow you on Twitter. It’s dumb. I follow you. You send me a auto DM. I unfollow you. Cheesier the DM, quicker the unfollow. — Chris Houchens (@shotgunconcepts) July 4, 2012 What flashes of

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twitter gets (more) political

Twitter has announced that they will begin accepting political ads. While anyone who has spent any time on Twitter knows it can be a politically charged environment, political advertisers need to be cautious with a media buy like this. Currently

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the worst kind of tweet

The worst tweet someone can send on twitter is similar to this one: sorry for all the upcoming tweets! about to enter #twitterchat to LEARN from others!!!! Other than the excessive use of exclamation marks and the fake gushing about

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