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making the old work with the new

NBC’s Million Second Quiz was a flop. I can hear the pitch meeting now… It’s a way to combine TV watching and online participation! It’s got an online element! It’s got an app! It’s like Words with Friends! It’s the

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the one where I talk about kotex

When most brands try to integrate their social media and traditional marketing, it’s … awkward. Here’s a current commercial for a brand and a product I am biologically unable to connect to: You know what helps says the hipster female

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creepy fancy feast

The first time I saw this my immediate thought was that it was some sort of joke. But the punchline never came. It’s real. Obviously, I’m not in the target demo of “cat lady wanting love”, but I’m dumbfounded (and

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learning marketing from local media

So your {insert local media outlet} is offering a free seminar that will “teach you how to market your business”. How benevolent of them to offer such a community service. I’m amazed at how many small businesses are suckered into

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numbers are not what they used to be

The television event is dead. After ABC heavily promoted it as the television event of the decade, the final episode of LOST on Sunday night was seen by about 13.6 million viewers. To put that in perspective, the final episode

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connecting the dots

Another printed newspaper went away today and with typical media self-absorption, the paper reported their own obituary with an in-depth report complete with a full page front page farewell. This death comes on the tails of last week’s Pew Research report that apparently

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i feel like something is missing today

I feel discombobulated. I feel like I may have been brainwashed by the government to expect some sort of big event today.  But so far, nothing is happening. Maybe I’ll eventually get over it — maybe by June.  I need

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