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Secret of My Success

Follow-up to my Pontiac Apprentice post::The http://www.pontiac.com/apprentice link now forwards to a page that has the following text… “The “Raise the Roof” promotion was a resounding success and has officially ended.” 450,000 visitors short of your goal is a resounding

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G6 Flops….Again

My main keynote, “Big Picture Marketing”, is built around 3 main points. The first, which is… Marketing begins with the Product …usually elicits a big “DUH” across the room until I start showing examples of how often this step is

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Product Placement is HOOOGE

DONALD TRUMP: (reading off cue cards)“The product placement industry is Hooooge. It’s an $8 bajillion dollar a year industry. And I should know. People pay plenty to have their products placed on my show “The Apprentice” which is the #1

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That Smarts

The Mensa brand is getting beat up right now. Mensa, of course, is “that thing for smart people”. In the Ries branding example of “owning” words…Mensa owns the word “smart”. If someone is a member of Mensa, then you probably

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Apprentice ppt

Here’s a Columbo “oh yeah, one more thing” post…. While at lunch, I remembered there was another point I wanted to make in my Apprentice Marketing post. (I need to start taking notes while watching TV) Point 4) – If

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Apprentice Marketing

I thought there might not be any teachable moments in marketing with this season of The Apprentice. But then last night, the tide changed with 3 good marketing points. 1) I preach to clients and speaking audiences all the time

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From Cherry Hall to Trump Tower

If you’re a long time reader of the Shotgun Marketing BLOG, you know that I like to pull teachable moments in marketing from the NBC “reality” show “The Apprentice”. Season 5 starts tonight and I’m already interested in one of

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