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I can tell there’s been a new training program shift for B2B cold call telemarketers. They’re now all asking the same self-deflating question to me. TYPICAL CALL ME: Hello. TM: Are you the person in the business responsible for buying snow

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sales diets

Dieters who don’t know the right way to lose weight by eating right and exercise may succumb to binging/purging. Salespeople who don’t know the right way to sell by establishing relationships may succumb to cold calling. And they’ll cold call

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congressional scam

A scam from Congress — imagine that! I got a message this morning from a staffer of Congressman Tom Cole. It seemed that he wanted to present me with an award called the Congressional Order of Merit for my work

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call me – or not

People are discovering the Do Not Call List has an expiration date. And telemarketers are ready to pounce. But here’s the thing that someone with common sense would understand:If someone didn’t want to be marketed to 5 years ago, they

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Free to move about the cabin

First off, let me make clear that I’m a huge fan of Southwest Airlines. When I travel, they are my first choice for an airline. The price, the company culture, and common sense methodology that they use to run a

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