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To the power of Z

Even though one of the “A-listers” recently corrupted the meme, the Z-list has had an amazing effect (for me anyway) Rising 70,000 spots in a few weeks makes you dizzy. After rising so quickly, I may get the bends. But

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Pyramid Z List

Hey! I’m at the center of a blogger meme. (and at the top of a pyramid scheme!) Mack over at the Viral Garden thinks some of the “Z-listers” are getting messed over by the insane way that Technorati ranks “authority”.

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State of the UnBlogosphere

David Sifry recently posted the latest State of the Blogosphere. As always, the medium looks strong and growth is explosive. And as always, the blogosphere is excited about the new numbers. But, I have a slightly different take on “the

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Silence is Golden

It’s summertime and the bloggin’ is easy. My posts have been light over the past few weeks as the humidity reached 188% and frankly, I have nothing to say. The trouble with much of the blogosphere is that people think

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Somebody start working on this

Hey Google or Technorati…or anyone else smart enough to do it…here’s a project that you can start working on…. I would love to see a blog search that goes beyond ranking just by incoming links but as an algorithm with

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