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taco bell routine republic goes up against mcdonalds

This “Routine Republic” ad campaign by Deutsch for Taco Bell is amazing. Ad types love it because they love dystopian ads reminiscent of the ad they all worship. But the Taco Bell ad actually works too. It takes the value

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the old spice guy walks into taco bell and gets burned

Consumers attack brands enough. Why get into a spiff with another brand?

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christine is not jared

Way back in the “early oughts”, Pepsico / Tricon (now known as Yum!) employed Jason “george costanza” Alexander to make the pitch that Kentucky FRIED Chicken was diet food. It was attacked as a stupid outrageous advertising campaign and was quietly

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welcome to the jungle

It’s bad enough when you mess up your own publicity stunt and damage your own brand. It’s worse when you drag someone else into it. While last week’s Dr Pepper fiasco hurt the beverage maker, Axl Rose is saying it

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Kentucky Fried Derby

The Run for the Roses will now be the Run for the Tacos. The Kentucky Derby has announced that Yum! Brands (which owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, Long John Silvers, and A&W Restaurants) will be a naming sponsor of

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Do one thing and do it well

Do one thing and do it well. It works great for plucky start-ups and companies old enough to know it’s the only way. It’s the companies in the middle that start reaching for everything and abandoning the core product/service that

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