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Real Numbers

As I said in this post and followed up with this post…when you do a survey and then publish the numbers, the numbers become real. When people are shown statistics, very few people will question the methodology that was used

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Wanamaker finally gets it

–In stocks, it’s “Buy Low. Sell High”.–In weather, it’s “not the heat, it’s the humidity”.–In advertising, it’s “I know half my advertising is wasted, but I don’t know which half.” It’s a quote attributed to John Wanamaker who owned a

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Blogs as a Marketing Research Tool

Alex asks the following question in the comments of my recent marketing research post…. “I know it’s not hugely scientific, but I’m sure with a little imagination a decent blog could provide businesses with very useful focus group style feedback.Comments

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

I see alot of misplaced gusto for marketing. Some of it comes in the form of bad print or broadcast advertising. And while bad ads or bad media buys are not as effective as they could be, at least they’re

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Black Friday

I’ve heard the fake statistic too many times today already not to post this… The day after Thanksgiving is NOT the biggest shopping day of the year. You hear this alot from people you know…as well as lazy news outlets

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