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some people need to be snowglobed, bro

It’s rare that I don’t accept everything that Seth Godin posts as marketing gospel. But the more I think about it, the more I believe that his recent post about a TSA snowglobe sign is a bit off-the-mark. I don’t

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seth doesn’t care for purple cows

Today Seth wrote a post that seems to partially contridict the entire thesis of one of his most popular books, Purple Cow. (main takeaway from the book — Be remarkable. Stand out. Etc) From those who have read the book,

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not a gathering of Cleveland Indian fans

I’m such an insider. I got a book in a purple milk carton a few years ago and now I’m in the Tribe. I’m in the second group of Seth’s book buying Tribe. My conspiracy theory is that we’re all

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Changes in Hitland

The buzz is always about how TV and print are changing with…or are threatened by the new digital world. You hardly ever hear anything about radio dealing with the new realities. Maybe that’s because some have already written radio’s obit

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Another Million Dollar Yawn

Now there’s another copycat of the Million Dollar Homepage…the Valentine Homepage. Since I’m too lazy to rant, please see what Seth had to say. tags:: web copycats – marketing – Seth Godin

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Reading Along with Powerpoint

When I speak, there are always several variants of the following comment on the evaluation/feedback forms… “would have liked handouts of your slides” If you just want to sit and read my slides, I’ll e-mail them to you. That way,

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Squidoo and You

I feel so much a part of the “in-crowd”. I got to be in the “private beta” for Seth Godin’s new project, Squidoo. Squidoo went to public beta yesterday…so now we can talk about it. Squidoo (and the many copycats

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