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the takeaway is to annoy them

This graphic popped up on my LinkedIn feed today. Many people were amen-ing and high-fiving the content in the post’s comments.  I suppose it backs up why I’m a horrible salesperson and why I dislike so many salespeople. Apparently, the

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I can tell there’s been a new training program shift for B2B cold call telemarketers. They’re now all asking the same self-deflating question to me. TYPICAL CALL ME: Hello. TM: Are you the person in the business responsible for buying snow

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no one cares about your company’s history

I’m sure you’ve had this happen to you. Someone is making a sales pitch or educational presentation to you. They need your attention. Then as they begin, they say… but before we get started let me tell you a little

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sell. don’t beg.

One of the analogies I probably wear out is comparing bad salespeople to the kids selling ads for school yearbooks. At several times in my career, I was in charge of the marketing for local small businesses. In each job, I would

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expecting this call

Concerning this MediaShift post: Hi! I’m calling from your local newspaper. As you may know, over the past few years our industry completely missed the boat on how to succeed online. As a matter of fact, we’re still arguing with

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sales diets

Dieters who don’t know the right way to lose weight by eating right and exercise may succumb to binging/purging. Salespeople who don’t know the right way to sell by establishing relationships may succumb to cold calling. And they’ll cold call

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someone tried to proposition me in a hotel lobby

Last week, I was in Chicago speaking to a group. The hotel had an afternoon social time that I stopped at one afternoon to grab a snack. While I was sitting there, a young guy came in and started talking

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