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there will always be a scar

With this new commercial, it seems that JC Penney (NOT JCP) has now fully come back to their senses… I’ve been updating my original post on the JC Penney brand debacle as they’ve come to this point. And I’m glad

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jc penney failure

I’m typically not one to root for something to fail, but I will make exceptions. Ever since the “rebranding” of JC Penney JCP back in February, I’ve boycotted the store and waited for the day that their marketing stupidity would

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long term brands work

Diet Coke has surpassed Pepsi for the first time to become the second-most popular soft drink in the country. Regular Coke is still in the top spot. Pepsi underwent a massive rebrand for most of their product lines in 2008.

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brand mutiny aboard the Pequod

The basic question is: Do you know this mermaid well enough for her to carry an entire global brand? Even though you may have seen her everyday for the past 40 years, I don’t think anyone has really noticed her.

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drinking new coke at disney

The great thing about established brands is that they all have a deep core element that they can always refer back to. This core attribute defines the brand in the public’s mind. McDonalds has the arches and the clown. Playboy

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rebranding the hut

In one of the worst “re-branding” moves that I’ve ever seen, Pizza Hut is dropping pizza from its name and will now be known in some locations as just ‘The Hut‘. What a great move. Trash over 50 years of

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bada bing

Lots of people are hating Bing just because it’s from MSFT. I think you can find lots of other reasons to hate it including that Bing can’t seem to find things that are on the Internet — which is the

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