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tips from a radio dinosaur

I spent 14 years of my life behind a microphone while being exposed to RF radiation. And while it’s been a little more than 5 years since the last time I held down a regular airshift … enough time for

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turn me off

You can use these in blog posts, presentations, etc, but I will seize up and stop accepting your premise at that point. I conducted a survey of my Facebook (twitter, etc) friends… Huge peeve of mine, but there are proper

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ad and marketing phrases that I hate

Don’t make me hate you. Don’t use these. new state of the art websiteAs opposed to our old website which was run by steam and coal. got (insert product here)?We got milk and that was enough. Thanks. free giftEver paid

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sales diets

Dieters who don’t know the right way to lose weight by eating right and exercise may succumb to binging/purging. Salespeople who don’t know the right way to sell by establishing relationships may succumb to cold calling. And they’ll cold call

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on the phone

A salesguy got in contact with me this morning in reference to a service we’re looking at signing up with. I typed the following as I was on the phone with him. Why would you start out this call with

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i’m an evil person

When the woman at the register handed me the receipt and explained to me like I was mentally challenged how I should log onto the Internets and take the customer satisfaction survey, I just was mildly annoyed. It was when

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Stick it to your customers and users

Horrible customer experiences with two companies tonight — 1) Had lunch with the wife at the chain fishmonger yesterday. We got a survey on our receipt to take and get $2 off a future purchase. I have attempted to call

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