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chris likes spicy chicken

Chick-Fil-A is rolling out their new spicy chicken in a very smart way. The chicken sandwich purveyors have been promoting a microsite, www.getspicychicken.com. The microsite allows you to find a local restaurant and then choose a reserved time to come in

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jared has lots of stamps

Read this consumer review of a Subway in Ohio. Just as demanding as the Seinfeldian Soup Nazi, I’ve dealt with many Subway Nazi “sandwich artists”. And it’s always about the minor things like a drink refill, a few extra olives,

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Surreal Spring Break Marketing

When these kids get back from Spring Break and develop their pictures, will it still seem like an alcohol/drug induced surreal hallucination? The only thing odder would have been for the Subservient Chicken to be in the photos as well.

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Shoney’s gives you gas

Some marketing campaigns just don’t think things through. Shoney’s has a new campaign for their “2 can dine” dinners. The spot is OK. It features a Confederate and Union soldier sitting down to eat…and obviously they don’t get along. The

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