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trash talking yourself

Marketing has always been about promoting something so that people will buy it. So it’s always interesting to see campaigns where a company is encouraging customers not to use their own product. Probably the most (in)famous example is the tobacco

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watered down

I realize I just picked on Tropicana not too long ago, but their latest product has me back on the warpath.They’ve introduced a product called Trop 50 which is supposedly a lower sugar juice. If you’ll glance at the ingredient list on the

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Even God has brand problems

This post is about brands so stick with me for a minute. The area I live in has been in a drought. It hasn’t been the “sure could use some rain” kind of drought — but rather the “kind that

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Thank You Thank You Very Much

Today is Elvis’ death day. When I was in college, I and a friend accidentally wound up in Memphis on Aug 16. It’s very interesting. Lots of interesting people. Lots of corny stuff. Everything at the Graceland complex is exactly

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Cream and Sugar

Saturday afternoon on the way to Nashville, I stopped at a McDonalds to get a Coke. Here’s the conversation that the person in front of me had with the cashier… GUY: Senior coffee, please MICKEY D: Would you like for

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Everything old

The old energy drinks were before their time…now they’re being marketed again. They’re re-introducing Jolt Cola…(via AdJab) Surge has been re-tooled as Vault. Now if we can just get Pepsi to return my favorite discontinued drink, Josta, to store shelves,

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Slam Dunk

It’s always interesting to know how consumers actually use your product. The more you know about the use, the better you can market it. A great example is when Avon found out people were using Skin-So-Soft as an insect repellent.

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