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twitter gets (more) political

Twitter has announced that they will begin accepting political ads. While anyone who has spent any time on Twitter knows it can be a politically charged environment, political advertisers need to be cautious with a media buy like this. Currently

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electing the best spammers

The people who seem to be the most clueless about communication are incumbent politicians. And the area that they seems to be the most clueless about is opt-in/opt-out communication of any kind. Initiate any contact with them and you’re added

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exposure does not equal success

I’ve often said (and blogged here) that politics is nothing more than marketing. The district adjacent to my own just wrapped up a special election to fill a vacated state senate seat. The race was between an ambulance chasing lawyer

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Like it or not

The art of getting elected to public office in the US is not so much about who has the better ideas — it’s about who has the better marketing.

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last train to brandville

Long time readers of the Shotgun Marketing Blog know that I’m a big anti-fan of the idea of governments trying to “rebrand” a geographic area — (many past examples here) City leaders of Clarksville, TN are tired of all the

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congressional scam

A scam from Congress — imagine that! I got a message this morning from a staffer of Congressman Tom Cole. It seemed that he wanted to present me with an award called the Congressional Order of Merit for my work

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Who’s in control?

First off, this is an a-political post. I have no horse in the race. I’m just looking at the marketing/media issues of this situation. If you haven’t heard, there’s a web video circulating that uses footage from the classic 1984

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