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just a tweet

The twittersphere is all a-twitter about a company suing a woman for $50,000 over one of her tweets. The offending tweet from @abonnen to her 20 followers was: …who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon

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mass media will never win on the web

Or at least they won’t think they’re winning because they’re still using the same yardstick for success that they’ve used for decades. With broadcast and print media, success is measured in numbers with lots of zeroes on the end —

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mommy blog versus the big O

One of the 5 or so books that are in my head ready to be written is about the marketing power of Oprah. It’s tentatively titled “The Oprah Effect” and it would look at the products/services/people that she has “touched”.

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tuned in minority

It has struck me in the last few days how “in-tune” an internet reader is as opposed to the masses that get fed by the 24 hour news cycle. I started noticing the Killer Tomato scare in the mainstream media

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print publishing and online

Mitch Joel has some insight from this NAA report about the print publishing business. The report focuses on the positive numbers that newspaper websites are racking up. While at the same time, newspapers are covered in sackcloth and ashes about

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old media

There’s lots of buzz about today’s news of the FCC relaxing media ownership rules. Five or ten years ago, I would have been incensed about the decision. If you look back in time, you’ll see that every time the FCC

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