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trash talking yourself

Marketing has always been about promoting something so that people will buy it. So it’s always interesting to see campaigns where a company is encouraging customers not to use their own product. Probably the most (in)famous example is the tobacco

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sadly, this is not a parody

One of the best indicators that you have a horrible idea is that people think its a joke. Microsoft wants you to have Windows 7 launch party. This is not a joke. PLEASE do not invite me to any such

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bada bing

Lots of people are hating Bing just because it’s from MSFT. I think you can find lots of other reasons to hate it including that Bing can’t seem to find things that are on the Internet — which is the

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bill gates as kramer. no es bueno

I had high hopes when Crispin Porter + Bogusky took over the MSFT campaign. I expected something creative, edgy, and/or amusing. I was doubly excited when I heard Seinfeld was involved. Imagine my (and your) dissapointment with this garbage:Questions:Yeah. He’s

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we don’t like the masses

So someone sends me a link and when I get to the page I get this: Really? You chose not to build first for the browser that 76% of people on the internet use? You chose to build for the

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You’re an idiot. Buy our stuff.

A new trend for the last few months in “me-too” marketing has companies telling their customers that they are stupid. From Burger King discontinuing the Whopper to Microsoft trying to convince people that Vista isn’t as bad as they think

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So today was Bill Gates’ last day. However, there was an incident. As he tried to leave the building for good, this popped up in the door:He couldn’t get it to go away and none of his keys worked. Eventually,

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