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monday morning quarterbacks

We’re in the 24-hour period when everyone in America is an ad critic, but it’s not as great this year. As I tweeted during the “big game”: One of the few times in recent years that the #SuperBowl game was

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why even buy Super Bowl airtime for ads?

None of my Ferris Bueller theories panned out. Jalopnik discovered the Bueller ad was for Honda. Honda released the extended cut of their Super Bowl the ‘big’ game™ ad. It’s chock full of Ferris Bueller references (over two dozen, they

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marketing in the stream

Since the days of the Cluetrain, it is accepted mantra that “markets are conversations”. However, I think this idea only seeped down to the creative and strategy levels in marketing. We really need to start paying more attention to media

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numbers are not what they used to be

The television event is dead. After ABC heavily promoted it as the television event of the decade, the final episode of LOST on Sunday night was seen by about 13.6 million viewers. To put that in perspective, the final episode

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caught with their pants down

Back in February during “the big game”, there were two commercials with surprisingly similar creative executions. Both Dockers and CareerBuilder had spots that featured men without pants. If you can’t (or won’t) remember the ads, watch the Dockers ad here

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may i have your attention

I had a conversation today where one of the participants said that most people consider advertising annoying. I responded that people don’t think advertising is annoying. They think irrelevant advertising is annoying. But these days it’s hard to separate the

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ALWAYS be in control of your ad placement

Here’s an image via Adrants. If you’re not going to be actively involved in placing your advertising, the billboard company will. Childhood Obesity that the media has accused us of creating? Bada ba da da…..I’m lovin’ it. tags:: marketing advertising

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