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taco bell routine republic goes up against mcdonalds

This “Routine Republic” ad campaign by Deutsch for Taco Bell is amazing. Ad types love it because they love dystopian ads reminiscent of the ad they all worship. But the Taco Bell ad actually works too. It takes the value

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fishy facts

Approximately 23% of the year’s sales of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at McDonalds are purchased during a 40 day window that began today. Filet-O-Fish was invented in 1962 by a Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky McDonald’s franchisee who had stores located in a

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I continue to watch the attempted evolution of the McDonalds brand. It seems they to want to be the next Starbucks with all the coffee promotions they’ve been brewing lately. McDonalds has introduced a new iced coffee drink. At least

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Cream and Sugar

Saturday afternoon on the way to Nashville, I stopped at a McDonalds to get a Coke. Here’s the conversation that the person in front of me had with the cashier… GUY: Senior coffee, please MICKEY D: Would you like for

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Decaf Venti Amplification and Clarification with Foam

I wanted to clarify and add to my McDonalds “premium” post after something I saw on the news this morning. The focus of the story was that McDonalds is going after the morning coffee market now firmly held by Starbucks

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Changing Words – Changing Brands

Changing the way you talk about your product DOES NOT change the way consumers view your brand. In order to fully change a brand, you must change the consumer’s experience with your company…not just use different words to describe it.

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Tartar Sauce Update

Update on the Filet-o-Fish’s annual Marketing Spotlight… In the past, it was enough that the fish sandwich ads signaled the beginning of Lent. Of course, now in the new marketing world, there must be a online element. McDonalds has launched

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