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I’m seeing it happen more and more. As the cashier hands me a receipt, she draws a circle on it and says, “Please visit this link and take the online survey about your experience. Please make sure to give me

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does not rhyme with orange

The whole Tropicana fiasco fascinates me. While the new image looks very modern (and generic), it turns out people don’t want trendy OJ packaging. They want to be able to quickly pick up their favorite orange juice at the grocery. My big

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I’ve always disliked focus groups as a marketing tool.But I hope you find as much useful information in your next focus group as they found out in this one.

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buzzwords don’t work

A recent survey from Anderson Analytics has some interesting thoughts from senior marketing execs. Apparently, concepts like segmentation, brand loyalty and competitive intelligence are “hot”. Concepts such as the Long Tail and Six Sigma are on the way out. You

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i’m an evil person

When the woman at the register handed me the receipt and explained to me like I was mentally challenged how I should log onto the Internets and take the customer satisfaction survey, I just was mildly annoyed. It was when

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Engaged Media

Today, I had the chance to be at a meeting where a representative of Simmons Market Research Bureau gave a sneak peek of the methodology and findings of their new Multi-Media Engagement Study. Right now, it’s only being done with

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They’re doing what?

I was talking to someone today at a media property about an organization that I used to be involved with. Apparently, the organization has taken an informal poll among their 70 or so employees about favorite radio stations, newspapers, TV,

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