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is he dead or did he invent the turducken?

It was just the other day I was having a conversation with someone about Paul Prudhomme. I don’t remember the specifics of the conversation (or even who I was having it with), but at one point the question came up

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customer misservice

After years of building customer service infrastructure (like outsourced support numbers, online service chats with robots, on-hold purgatory, etc) that distances a company from their biggest asset (their customers), the customers are now catching up and biting back with their

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Reality Check

Recently, I spoke to a group of late teens/early 20-somethings about online media. These students were in an honors class in one of the top journalism schools in the country. They were all on Facebook heavily About half were on

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Don’t trust bloggers

So…today I’m in a meeting discussing an online venture and the topic turns to blogging. Of course, I say that it would be a great addition to an online portfolio. But one of the meeting’s participants was completely turned off

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Habenero Ice Cream

I love it when I’m right. I predicted a few months ago that the C-level masses were going to take the concept of The Long Tail and corrupt it. And today, I received an email newsletter from the CEO of

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I’m Chris Houchens and I approved this message

Flickr image from shenghunglinTwo years ago, I wrote an article for a marketing publication about the politics of marketing…or the marketing of politics…whatever. There are some relevant points in the article to this election cycle I want to expand on

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Viral Purple Cow Synergy

(inspired by the recent good-natured sparring between Hugh and Tara…. ) Life cycle of good ideas:1) Forward thinking individual(s) come up with groundbreaking idea/theory/method/etc2) Group that surrounds individual(s) takes idea and runs with it…improves it…communicates it.3) Sales/marketing/ad folks take idea

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