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usa yesterday

In July, USA Today underwent a redesign. (For the rest of this blog post, I’ll try to avoid the phrase “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”.) But while we could talk alot about the news / journalism implications of

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municipal branding comes home

In many posts in the early years of this blog, I was (and still am) an ardent opponent of the idea of municipal branding. Municipal branding is the crazed idea that is sold by branding consultants to government leaders that

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brand mutiny aboard the Pequod

The basic question is: Do you know this mermaid well enough for her to carry an entire global brand? Even though you may have seen her everyday for the past 40 years, I don’t think anyone has really noticed her.

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does not rhyme with orange

The whole Tropicana fiasco fascinates me. While the new image looks very modern (and generic), it turns out people don’t want trendy OJ packaging. They want to be able to quickly pick up their favorite orange juice at the grocery. My big

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no such thing as bad press?

Marketing Tip — Always put your logo on the buoyant end of the plane. btw– Supposedly this was the first pic of the event taken from an iPhone and immediately uploaded to Twitter using Twitpic. The MSM then interviewed the

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sam’s new hat

Have a bad name from destroying downtown businesses, treating your employees badly, and dominating the American capitalist system? Maybe a new logo will fix everything.

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more olympic hijinks

Not to be outdone by the freaky seizure-inducing 2012 London Olympic logo — Vancouver (who’s hosting the 2010 Winter Games) has rolled out some creepy mascots. God Save the Queen.

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