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fishy facts

Approximately 23% of the year’s sales of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at McDonalds are purchased during a 40 day window that began today. Filet-O-Fish was invented in 1962 by a Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky McDonald’s franchisee who had stores located in a

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For the E-mail Lover in You

With everything that piles up in the inbox, it looks like I would try to cut out some of the more useless items. But then, I wouldn’t be able to show you bad marketing practices, now would I? I’m a

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Tartar Sauce Update

Update on the Filet-o-Fish’s annual Marketing Spotlight… In the past, it was enough that the fish sandwich ads signaled the beginning of Lent. Of course, now in the new marketing world, there must be a online element. McDonalds has launched

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Filet-o-Fish Spotlight Time

You know Christmas is coming when you first spot Santa Claus. The Fourth of July is on the way when a tent selling fireworks pops up. And Lent is near when every fast-food chain starts touting its lowly fish sandwich

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