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christine is not jared

Way back in the “early oughts”, Pepsico / Tricon (now known as Yum!) employed Jason “george costanza” Alexander to make the pitch that Kentucky FRIED Chicken was diet food. It was attacked as a stupid outrageous advertising campaign and was quietly

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frenzied oprah chickens

You know, it looks like businesses would learn from other companies’ mistakes. After several big corporations failing to deliver with large scale national freebie giveaways in the last few months, KFC decided to fail larger than anyone with its free grilled

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weird doesn’t even begin

I know I said that I wouldn’t be commenting on Super Bowl ads. But these two ads are like a fetish car wreck. They’re so bizarre and twisted that I can’t look away. Apparently, both were rejected by Fox (*Fox

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High pitched sound from Corbin

KFC has gone the way of the ad gimmick like GE’s Tivo commericals. They’ve inserted a high pitched sound in a spot that supposedly only young ears can hear. It’s the same high pitched frequency used in teen repellent. See

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Fewer Unpopped Kernels

You’re an agency and you’ve just landed the Orville Redenbacher popcorn account. During the brainstorm session, someone says “Let’s have Orville Redenbacher in the spots!” Don’t let the fact that he died 11 years ago stop you. CP+B apparently aren’t

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