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web browser snobs

I wrote this post about web designers who are browser snobs 5 years ago. I’ve embarked on another project with a completely new set of web designers and I see attitudes haven’t changed. Sure. You can hate on Internet Explorer

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just use the other ad

Good points made in this Ad Report Card article from Slate about what’s killing the effectiveness of online video ads. Just like “in the good old days” when all businesses threw up a website that was nothing more than a

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we don’t like the masses

So someone sends me a link and when I get to the page I get this: Really? You chose not to build first for the browser that 76% of people on the internet use? You chose to build for the

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the opti grab of search

I have not commented on the un-coolness of the Cuil rollout because everyone else already has. But as more time passes and the fiasco grows bigger, I might as well throw my two cents in as well. My first beef

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So today was Bill Gates’ last day. However, there was an incident. As he tried to leave the building for good, this popped up in the door:He couldn’t get it to go away and none of his keys worked. Eventually,

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opportunity missed

You never want a tragedy to strike in your town. But if it does, the local newspaper’s online edition should be the source for constant updated information. And that newspaper should assume that it will get hit with a load

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tuned in minority

It has struck me in the last few days how “in-tune” an internet reader is as opposed to the masses that get fed by the 24 hour news cycle. I started noticing the Killer Tomato scare in the mainstream media

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