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the jolly old brand

I had been thinking about writing a Christmas post, but couldn’t come up with an idea. Then I realized I’d already written the post; it was just ensconced in a book. What follows is an excerpt (pages 53-56) from Chapter 7 (Brands are

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From all of us to all of you

Ahh….the snow….the decorations….the wasted advertising dollars. It’s the time of year that salespeople go out and bilk unsuspecting small business owners into wasting their “advertising dollars” for holiday greetings. In case you’re thinking of buying, here’s some ready-made copy… Shotgun

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Liar Friday

Just now, someone popped into the office and said they’d heard some shocking news… “People are shopping today” It ranks right up there with the hard hitting headline of… “The sun came up this morning” It reminded me of a

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Black Friday

I’ve heard the fake statistic too many times today already not to post this… The day after Thanksgiving is NOT the biggest shopping day of the year. You hear this alot from people you know…as well as lazy news outlets

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Salmon Flavored PR

Apparently, I’m in the mood for holiday marketing posts. As in years past, the Jones Soda Company has just announced their usual holiday PR gimmick…putting out an oddly flavored “holiday-themed” soda such as Turkey&Gravy or Green Bean Casserole. This year

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I gave up. Here’s a gift card.

Around this time of year, gift cards are a big business. A survey by ValueLink estimated that 64% of American adults (139 million people) either bought or received a gift card in 2004, up from just 37 percent in 2002.

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Holiday Marketing Tips

I originally published this article last year…(so be forewarned, there are dated references) But as I heard the 1st Christmas song on the radio yesterday, I thought it might be a good time to post it here. BTW…a PDF of

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