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stimulated HIPAA marketing

A few years ago, I helped write a book about healthcare marketing and HIPAA. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a major uptick in the number of media inquiries and emails from healthcare marketers who want my take on

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speaking south

A few notes on upcoming speaking events: (near) Birmingham, AL — On Fri Nov 14, I’ll be talking healthcare B2B marketing at the annual national meeting of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association.(more info and registration) Baton Rouge, LA — I

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spoonful of sugar

I’ve been expecting it to blow up. Marketing Rule #2634 — If all the players in one industry start a marketing arms-race, it will escalate to a point that one of the players will be stupid enough to launch the

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Customer Service not Customer Systems

A local hospital subscribes to the Planetree system of patient care. They pump it on every promotional piece they have. Every commercial is tagged with it. My challenge to the hospital would be to randomly select 100 patients and ask

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Big Marketing on a Small Budget webinar

It’s always a good thing when you’re invited back. I have been contracted by HealthLeaders Media to participate in another healthcare marketing webinar called Big Marketing on a Small Budget. It’s coming up soon on Tuesday, April 24. My co-presenters,

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The year of HIPAA

This has been the “year of HIPAA” for me. Earlier this year, along with Kate Borten, I worked on both the Marketing under HIPAA webinar and book. Recently, I was asked to write an article for the November issue of

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Me and Matlock in the hospital

WARNING:: Don’t read this if you get nauseous easily. I believe! Tom Peters. (!) The healthcare system is broken. And not just for the obvious reasons… A bit of background to for you to fully see the foul mood I’m

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