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signs 101

People and many businesses don’t know how to put a sign by the road. This seems like a very basic skill to me. But now as more temporary event signage for summer events is put up and the political sign

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guerrillas peeing in the ocean

Normally, I’m a cynic when it comes to the concept of guerrilla marketing. There are several reasons:–As with most marketing platforms, it’s misunderstood. People call some things guerrilla marketing that really aren’t.–Some guerrilla marketing tactics should be part of a

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Keystone Cop Chowda

Read this news story from Boston I wonder if the City of Boston will make the City of Boston pay for the response to their terrorist traffic counter. I also wonder if the head of the Traffic Counter network will

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Guerilla Stupidity

So many things to say about the marketing campaign/terror scare in Boston. First off, I’m a huge fan of unconventional low cost marketing, but I hate “guerrilla marketing” with a passion. The original concept of guerrilla marketing was a good

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Problems and Solutions

I recently returned a call from a gentleman who was inquiring about hiring me to consult on his company’s marketing strategy. Within a minute of the beginning of our conversation, he popped out “Do you do guerilla marketing? I want

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