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weakest link

Most restaurant menus are bad. Really bad. If you’re a restaurateur, here are some tips to help you create your restaurant menu.

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it’s in bad form

Paper still exists. This distresses the digerati, but it’s true. There is an unfortunate instance between the digital and paper realms that drives me crazy. Do me a favor. If you’re whipping up a paper form that asks for someone’s

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recycling ideas

I led a daylong training for the Executive Directors of the American Advertising Federation back in 2008 at the AAF National Conference in Atlanta. This was their imaging for the conference: Flashforward to the present where the Wired Business Conference

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best creative clip I’ve ever seen on YouTube

You see, it’s funny because it’s true. I’ve never designed a stop sign, but I have been in discussions that were frighteningly like these.

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proof shame

Let me first say that I have made many mistakes. A few have been made in life and many more have been made in my marketing efforts. I have approved print jobs with both minor and egregious errors. I have

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hey taxi!

Sometimes the product IS the logo. If you’re lucky enough to be caught in that position, don’t mess with it. But bureaucracy is not that smart. In what is a sure fire example of the crap that can be produced

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Budget Eye

Most of the people that DON’T have an eye for good design are also the same people that DO control advertising purse strings.

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