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bada bing

Lots of people are hating Bing just because it’s from MSFT. I think you can find lots of other reasons to hate it including that Bing can’t seem to find things that are on the Internet — which is the

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the opti grab of search

I have not commented on the un-coolness of the Cuil rollout because everyone else already has. But as more time passes and the fiasco grows bigger, I might as well throw my two cents in as well. My first beef

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Google Robber Barons

I’ll tell you exactly why “advertisers are simply bidding on and buying fewer keywords” to make the number of ad clicks fall in January for Google and Yahoo. It’s because they’re sticking it to their advertisers (or at least Google

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Do one thing and do it well

Do one thing and do it well. It works great for plucky start-ups and companies old enough to know it’s the only way. It’s the companies in the middle that start reaching for everything and abandoning the core product/service that

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