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Bueller? … Bueller?

Well. It’s starting to seem like every ad in the 2012 Super Bowl the ‘big’ game™ will involve revisiting old movies. While I’ve said Volkswagen’s ‘The Bark Side” may have some troubles, this one I’m intrigued by… While it does

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awkward marketing photos

It’s pretty bad when the dominant photo in your campaign could also be used on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.

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There seems to be a current craze in taking the standard abbreviation, R.O.I., and substituting another word for “Investment” to make a point. For example, I have recently heard people talk or read articles about things such as: Return on

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stupid tweets

I’m sure you find value in your Twitter stream. But among the constant golden nuggets of twitter-dom, there are ocasssionally some stinker tweets. Most of these come from wannabe gurus who feel they have to constantly “provide value to the

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names are important

Walking down Gervais Street in Columbia SC last week, I snapped this on my cell phone. Maybe the financial industry wasn’t the best industry for this guy to get into?

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at least there was a call to action

If your phone call doesn’t get through, maybe you could send them a letter. I wonder if they prompt customers to email their telemarketing department.

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maybe wom isn’t that effective

I wonder why they wasted the money on postage and printing to mail me this since I would have eventually just “heard about it on the street” anyway??

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