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the one where I’m motivational

I think I’ve met this guy and many others very much like him. When you’re in marketing, people come to you and want you to help them tell others about their crazy ideas. And sometimes, by the time they want

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maslow’s business strategy

I had no blog posts last week. I also had no power. I had no heat. Each day, I fought windmills. Finding a place to keep the family warm. Cleaning up from where the trees crashed into the house and

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focus on the wrong things

Most people starting a business spend entirely too much time, energy and money playing house rather than marketing the business. They focus on setting up a corporation, printing business cards, pens, etc. And all that seems like a lot of

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the chic entrepreneur

A few months ago, I was contacted by reader Elizabeth Gordon about the possibility of the Shotgun Marketing Blog being a stop on her Virtual Book Tour for her new book, The Chic Entrepreneur. The Chic Entrepreneur is an entertaining

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Playing House

For many people who are starting a business, the first step of planning involves a call or online order to Lands End for the embroidered shirts. Their next step is spending gi-normous amounts of cash with lawyers, branding consultants, and

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Brioche Eaters

So I’m working with a web designer on a project for a client and I notice there are several glitches on the website when I view it in my browser. The web designer emails –“Yes. I’m building and optimizing for

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