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marketing by committee part duex

A few days ago, I was participating in #b2bchat on Twitter. We were discussing corporate blogs and steveology tweeted: I think ghost blogging can be okay if it is the CEO’s ideas on the page, but ghost tweeting is just

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the part of marketing that marketing people forget

Starbucks hopped on the Foursquare marketing train early and came out with a great promotion. But Starbucks’ bold move flopped. Why did they fail? The answer is simple. They forgot (or failed) to communicate their marketing plan with a very

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insurgents in your organization

Late last week, Alex Bogusky was elevated from CD of Crispin Porter + Bogusky to “Chief Creative Insurgent” of the ad agency’s parent company MDC Partners. Hmmm. Since, by definition, an insurgent is a rebel who revolts against authority or acts

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getting priorities straight

Paula Berg is leaving her position as Manager of Emerging Media at Southwest Airlines. And instead of burning bridges on the way out, she left a (ahem) LUV note about Southwest. Like any good marketer — alot of it is

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