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are you a spammer?

People tend to think of spammers as shady dudes sending emails about questionable manhood pills and Nigerian fortunes, but there are lots of ‘legitimate’ business owners who are email spammers. It’s because of one of the primary marketing sins of

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awkward marketing photos

It’s pretty bad when the dominant photo in your campaign could also be used on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.

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electing the best spammers

The people who seem to be the most clueless about communication are incumbent politicians. And the area that they seems to be the most clueless about is opt-in/opt-out communication of any kind. Initiate any contact with them and you’re added

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your company’s looming social media disaster

Think about if you’ve met any of these cutting edge people… Remember when the Macarena came out? You probably danced it at some public gathering for the few weeks it was popular. Then it went away. And then a few

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no thanks

So I get this email from a major organization that you’re well aware of — ….we’ve received inquiries from [redacted] members who are wondering about the reports they are receiving from [redacted], Inc. We put together a short FAQ to

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cyprus snail spam

I’ve been getting alot of pitches lately in the inbox. (You know, because I’m such an A-lister.) But while the spinmeisters sending the email are working hard to find marketing/business blogs, they’re not putting much effort into the actual pitches.

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spam that I had to open

So from Pat, Vanna and from all of us to all of you, have a festive Christmas.

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