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maybe wom isn’t that effective

I wonder why they wasted the money on postage and printing to mail me this since I would have eventually just “heard about it on the street” anyway??

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cyprus snail spam

I’ve been getting alot of pitches lately in the inbox. (You know, because I’m such an A-lister.) But while the spinmeisters sending the email are working hard to find marketing/business blogs, they’re not putting much effort into the actual pitches.

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If you can’t sell ’em, just scare ’em

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More dumb direct mail

The postman knows I’ve spent my life savings on hot wings and baseball cards. But because of smart labeling, he delivered this anyway.

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Include cracklins on all fish orders

The local fishmonger sent this insert in the paper. So which is it? Are all the combos the “one price” of 3.99? Or is just the cheapest one 3.99? Maybe the Captain had malt vinegar in his eye during the

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Colonel Kenny Marketing

When I got home tonight, there was a letter from a local realty company telling me that if I was in the market to sell my house, they had a proven marketing plan to sell it. First off, I don’t

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