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you missed it

If your only source of news is national media, you may not realize that a U.S. city was heavily damaged this weekend. Yes, the Gulf oil disaster should be the top story and the Times Square car bomb attempt was

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no such thing as bad press?

Marketing Tip — Always put your logo on the buoyant end of the plane. btw– Supposedly this was the first pic of the event taken from an iPhone and immediately uploaded to Twitter using Twitpic. The MSM then interviewed the

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brewed stupidity

This happened today:–Well established local media organization wants to shoot video of the Starbucks coffee for votes promotion (which btw could be illegal)–The barista-in-charge won’t allow interviews or footage to be shot in the store.–Free coverage and promotional value to

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embedded and right

A NYU journalism student has written an “embedded report” about Quarter lifers / GenY’s outlook on journalism and online media for the PBS Mediashift blog. In the online journalism class that I teach, I find the exact same results as

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Media and Marketing in a Tragedy

A few observations about the events this week at Virginia Tech… Change of the GuardWhere did all these kids immediately turn to for information? They didn’t huddle around a radio. They didn’t gather around a TV. They didn’t even pick

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