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death of originality and creativity

One of the odder analogies I use when I teach and present is that of cooking and compression. When creating digital media, it’s best to work with the original uncompressed digital file for the best final result. Using compressed (cooked)

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three commencement addresses that are worth your time

‘Tis the season for people to sit in hot black robes and listen to vague motivational pomptitude (and circumstanitude). Out there in the cultural zeitgeist, I think there are three commencement addresses that are worth your time. These three are

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There seems to be a current craze in taking the standard abbreviation, R.O.I., and substituting another word for “Investment” to make a point. For example, I have recently heard people talk or read articles about things such as: Return on

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You own a pizza company. You bake a pizza and have the delivery driver randomly pick a house out of the phone book to deliver the pizza to. The owner of the house has to “opt-out” of the pizza delivery.

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Gump Marketing

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of companies have adopted a Forrest Gump marketing philosophy. This occurs when you’re not taking care of the marketing side of the business, but you’re still growing and opportunities are presenting themselves because of destiny and/or

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Marketing teaspoon

I don’t know where this story should be attributed. But ever since I heard it several years ago, I’ve always remembered it…. There was a businessman who was having lunch with an older collegue. The businessman was telling his friend

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