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sacrifice your friends for free meat

This month, it will be six years since Crispin Porter + Bogusky took over the Burger King business and started serving up quirky and viral campaigns that have been critically acclaimed by those in the ad biz. Coq Roq, Whopper

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You’re an idiot. Buy our stuff.

A new trend for the last few months in “me-too” marketing has companies telling their customers that they are stupid. From Burger King discontinuing the Whopper to Microsoft trying to convince people that Vista isn’t as bad as they think

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Who are you marketing to?

Ah, it’s good to be the King. Or is it? News that Burger King had a bad day on Wall Street got me thinking….What’s the relationship between marketing and Wall Street perfomance? Crispin Porter + Bogusky have done a fabulous

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Surreal Spring Break Marketing

When these kids get back from Spring Break and develop their pictures, will it still seem like an alcohol/drug induced surreal hallucination? The only thing odder would have been for the Subservient Chicken to be in the photos as well.

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