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the little things

People get excited about and take photos of little bottles of shampoo. Studies show that tips increase when the diner is given an after-dinner mint and the tip increases even more when the mint is personally handed to the diner

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hey brother, can you spare a dime? I’m a little venti

Starbucks is concerned that you think a $4 cuppajoe is an extragavance in a tight economy. They’re planning an ad campaign to rid your little mind of the “myth” of a $4 sbux treat. Since they’re knee-jerking and killing the

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Budget Eye

Most of the people that DON’T have an eye for good design are also the same people that DO control advertising purse strings.

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guerrillas peeing in the ocean

Normally, I’m a cynic when it comes to the concept of guerrilla marketing. There are several reasons:–As with most marketing platforms, it’s misunderstood. People call some things guerrilla marketing that really aren’t.–Some guerrilla marketing tactics should be part of a

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