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how the brand extension cookie crumbles

There’s a great marketing lesson to be gleaned from recent news about Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts have announced they are downsizing the varieties of cookies they sell to just six flavors. They’ll now just offer Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils,

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Hard to Dance with Fruit on Your Head

I was perusing the Sunday coupons and saw that Chiquita has launched a brand extension called Fruit Bites….cut apples in bags that the kiddies can take to school. Questions…1) Apples are pretty portable in the natural state…why is this product

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Do one thing and do it well

Do one thing and do it well. It works great for plucky start-ups and companies old enough to know it’s the only way. It’s the companies in the middle that start reaching for everything and abandoning the core product/service that

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