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oprah hates your billboard

I don’t think Oprah would be happy that you put a QR code on a billboard. But put aside the whole distracting driving and near certain chance of death thing and just use some common sense. In this great article about

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Same Bat Time : Same Bat ?

Quick. What’s wrong with this billboard?(Other than the fact that they make a weird couple.) You’d think a TV station would know something about advertising. But, you’d be wrong. Forgetting one detail makes the entire thing useless. Maybe the dog

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Apprentice Marketing

I thought there might not be any teachable moments in marketing with this season of The Apprentice. But then last night, the tide changed with 3 good marketing points. 1) I preach to clients and speaking audiences all the time

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Maybe they were too focused on the Ampersand

It’s all over the blogosphere [Scoble] [Rogue] [AdRants] [etc]..but I thought I needed to add my 2 cents as well. You may have the biggest-most-hugest-earth-shattering ad budget the world has ever seen…but you have to exercise just a little common

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What’s Wrong with this Billboard?

I pass this billboard everyday…and it irritates me a little more each day. Since it’s not a great photo (taking pics in moving traffic is always a challenge), the billboard consists of a stock photo of a generic white bread

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ALWAYS be in control of your ad placement

Here’s an image via Adrants. If you’re not going to be actively involved in placing your advertising, the billboard company will. Childhood Obesity that the media has accused us of creating? Bada ba da da…..I’m lovin’ it. tags:: marketing advertising

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