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best of 2010

This is my 463rd post at the end of 6 years of blogging. In the last week of each year that I have blogged, I have done a list of top / favorite posts from the past year. You can

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i like it when it makes sense

So you’ve probably seen several of your female Facebook friends post status updates such as: “I like it on the kitchen table.” “I like it on a chair at the bar.” “I like it on the floor of my van.”

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the part of marketing that marketing people forget

Starbucks hopped on the Foursquare marketing train early and came out with a great promotion. But Starbucks’ bold move flopped. Why did they fail? The answer is simple. They forgot (or failed) to communicate their marketing plan with a very

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numbers are not what they used to be

The television event is dead. After ABC heavily promoted it as the television event of the decade, the final episode of LOST on Sunday night was seen by about 13.6 million viewers. To put that in perspective, the final episode

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blitz aftermath

You should never eat food cooked by a skinny chef. You also should never buy a marketing book from someone who can’t get the message out about that book. I am really happy with the success of Tuesday’s Amazon Blitz

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learning as you go

I would venture to say there are very few people who would skydive, ride a bull, wrestle alligators, or climb one of the Seven Summits without experience or at least after watching a very good orientation video. And yet companies

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united trilogy ends

Last July, I wrote a post about United Breaks Guitars. Dave Carroll had promised to write a trilogy of songs about the sub par customer experience he had with United Airlines. The first song was an internet sensation. Currently, it’s nearing

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