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best of 2008

NOTICE: All the links in this post go to the old blogspot location. If you’d like to read these posts, please browse the best of 2008 tag. Thanks.****************** It’s the end of my fourth year of blogging. It’s also the

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So over the past two years gas prices rose about $2/gallon from what they were. Supply and demand? That can’t be causing it. The oil companies were sticking it to us. Let’s start a chain email to not buy gas

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muscle shoals has got the swampers

Back in my radio career, in addition to managing operations for the stations in the group, I also held down several airshifts as a “radio personality”. DJs get sick of songs way before you do. On the CHR formatted station,

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embedded and right

A NYU journalism student has written an “embedded report” about Quarter lifers / GenY’s outlook on journalism and online media for the PBS Mediashift blog. In the online journalism class that I teach, I find the exact same results as

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mass media will never win on the web

Or at least they won’t think they’re winning because they’re still using the same yardstick for success that they’ve used for decades. With broadcast and print media, success is measured in numbers with lots of zeroes on the end —

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tuned in minority

It has struck me in the last few days how “in-tune” an internet reader is as opposed to the masses that get fed by the 24 hour news cycle. I started noticing the Killer Tomato scare in the mainstream media

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is he dead or did he invent the turducken?

It was just the other day I was having a conversation with someone about Paul Prudhomme. I don’t remember the specifics of the conversation (or even who I was having it with), but at one point the question came up

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