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best of 2007

NOTICE: All the links in this post go to the old blogspot location. If you’d like to read these posts, please browse the best of 2007 tag. Thanks.****************** January will mark the end of my third year of blogging. And

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old media

There’s lots of buzz about today’s news of the FCC relaxing media ownership rules. Five or ten years ago, I would have been incensed about the decision. If you look back in time, you’ll see that every time the FCC

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Mr Splashy Pants

Greenpeace has been running a poll to name some whales that are traveling in the Pacific. 29 of the 30 nominations are for either mythical, Zen-ish, or new-age-type names like Kaimana, Shanti, and Aurora. And then scanning down the list,

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marketing haiku

60 has me thinking about haiku for the 1st time since I was in elementary school. He’s issued a challenge for a 3 word haiku. To kill time while I was waiting for uploads this morning, I came up with

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Even God has brand problems

This post is about brands so stick with me for a minute. The area I live in has been in a drought. It hasn’t been the “sure could use some rain” kind of drought — but rather the “kind that

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artificial networks

Both online and offline, there’s been a surge in the concept of “networks” as a marketing tool. And websites and groups have sprung up to capitalize on the phenomenon. As people clamor to build their personal networks for business, they

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square hole round peg problems

Here’s the thing that people get wrong about their web presence: It’s not about building a second version of yourself, your business, or your industry online. It’s about starting fresh with a new platform to reach a new audience. But

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