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Best of 2006

NOTICE: All the links in this post go to the old blogspot location. If you’d like to read these posts, please browse the best of 2006 tag. Thanks.****************** Last year around this time, I posted the “Best of 2005” posts

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Users First

There’s been quite a bit of talk over the past few days about some remarks that Jim Buckmaster, an executive at Craigslist, made at a media conference in New York last Thursday. It seems that Buckmaster stated that he has

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State of the UnBlogosphere

David Sifry recently posted the latest State of the Blogosphere. As always, the medium looks strong and growth is explosive. And as always, the blogosphere is excited about the new numbers. But, I have a slightly different take on “the

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One of my marketing areas of concentration is healthcare marketing. I have several healthcare clients and several of my keynotes are focused on healthcare markeitng. One of the big things that healthcare marketers are in the dark about right now

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Planetary Branding

Before I begin…let me just say this analogy is imperfect…but we’re working on it. The planet Pluto got “demoted” this week. It’s now official. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) stripped Pluto of the planetary status it has held since its

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Marketing a Startup

Last night, I flipped through the new June 2006 issue of Business2.0 which is usually a pretty good read. However, I got mad last night when I read this issue’s cover story about “the 16 steps to building a bulletproof

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Who’s in Charge Here?

Two stories…see which one you recognize…. (Story #1)So a guy walks into the doctor’s office to have some pre-operative tests and to sign the waiver before his brain surgery next week…. DOCTOR:“I’ve gone over your MRI several times. I plan

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