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barcamp nashville

There are lots of reasons that you should come to Barcamp Nashville. But personally, I think you should come for me! I’ll be leading a session on how brands can tap into the online zeitgeist. I really enjoyed speaking at

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Reflections on Barcamp Nashville

After taking some time to absorb the experience and decompress, here are a few scattered thoughts on Barcamp Nashville. There’s been a healthy discussion going on (like here and here) about how it wasn’t a “real barcamp”. While I tend

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Barcamp Nashville

Barcamp Nashville has been interesting…..with neat speakers, great people, and a warm room (in more ways than one). I had planned to liveblog while I was here, but I’ve had some wi-fi trouble. 60 has been posting and the twitter

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2 days until Barcamp

Only 2 more days until Barcamp Nashville. You should come. Especially at 12:20pm. You can still register here.

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Speaking at BarCamp Nashville

I’m very excited to be speaking at BarCamp Nashville. I will be giving my “Social Media and Blogs in Corporate Marketing” presentation at 12:20pm on August 18th in Nashville. As you can see from the barcamp schedule, the organizers have

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