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at least there was a call to action

If your phone call doesn’t get through, maybe you could send them a letter. I wonder if they prompt customers to email their telemarketing department.

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the most annoying banner ad of all time

Here’s one of my online marketing rules. Audio that auto-plays on a website is bad. The main reason is simple. Studies show that the majority of web browsing is done at the workplace. Auto-play audio alerts fellow cube dwellers or

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Users First

There’s been quite a bit of talk over the past few days about some remarks that Jim Buckmaster, an executive at Craigslist, made at a media conference in New York last Thursday. It seems that Buckmaster stated that he has

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Nerve Gas vs Natural Gas

There’s always the chance for trouble when you let contextual keywords place your advertising. (via Wonkette) tags:: funny – advertising – internet marketing

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Ain’t Gonna Be Banner Ads

A caveat before I begin this post – He who looks into the crystal ball…eats glass. An updated forecast from JMP Securities says that online media will account for more than $1 of every $10 spent for advertising by 2010.

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