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good design and UX

I hate to be one of those redesign resistant people, but at first glance I don’t like the design changes of iOS7 announced this week at WWDC. My displeasure comes down to the loss of skeuomorphism and the flat design.

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linguistical maneuvers

Apple wants the iPad 3 to be called the “new iPad”. This poses some questions for the future. What happens when the next incarnation of the iPad arrives? Will we call it the newer iPad? At that point, what will

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brand leadership

Strong brands have strong leaders with strong personalities. This branded leadership will help organizations succeed because the audience will have confidence that the leaders will respond to their needs. Leaders of the organization (at all levels) can influence brand perception.

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three commencement addresses that are worth your time

‘Tis the season for people to sit in hot black robes and listen to vague motivational pomptitude (and circumstanitude). Out there in the cultural zeitgeist, I think there are three commencement addresses that are worth your time. These three are

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the daily disappointment

UPDATE (2 years later): They finally killed The Daily. So yesterday, I was all giddy (in a professional way) about the advent of The Daily, the world’s first news publication built specifically for a tablet (read: iPad). I actually “tuned-in”

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Minimal copy. Clean layout. Easily recognizable logo. The Apple look.

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sweet sassy mo lassy

Today is the anniversary of one of my favorite surreal historical events, Boston’s Great Molasses Flood. The Great Boston Molasses Tragedy, occurred on January 15, 1919, in the North End neighborhood of Boston. A large molasses tank burst and a

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