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this is the best ad copy you could come up with?

From the same ad agency who developed an ad for a florist with the tagline “Every rose has its thorn”… (Originally posted on Instagram.) They’re also working on a campaign for a bakery using “That’s how the cookie crumbles.” I

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we’ve got trouble right here in Newspaper City

For several months, the Newspaper Association of America has offered a series of free, downloadable print and digital ads that papers can run. The ads mostly talk to readers but are actually subversively directed at advertisers. Newspapers are not in

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ad and marketing phrases that I hate

Don’t make me hate you. Don’t use these. new state of the art websiteAs opposed to our old website which was run by steam and coal. got (insert product here)?We got milk and that was enough. Thanks. free giftEver paid

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illinois furniture store ad

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just use the other ad

Good points made in this Ad Report Card article from Slate about what’s killing the effectiveness of online video ads. Just like “in the good old days” when all businesses threw up a website that was nothing more than a

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sing what’s in the brackets

Shotgun Marketing Blog presents: Real Media Spending Cutbacks[Real Media Spending Cutbacks!] Today we salute you, Mr. Anheuser-Busch Media Buyer.[Mr. Anheuser-Busch Media Buyer!] Anheuser-Busch has slashed radio spending that will hurt the broadcasting industry especially large radio companies like Clear Channel.[Let’s

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proof shame

Let me first say that I have made many mistakes. A few have been made in life and many more have been made in my marketing efforts. I have approved print jobs with both minor and egregious errors. I have

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